Would you like to complete some of Seren and Sbarc’s tasks for November?

Derbyn – Blwyddyn 2:

Tachwedd 1Why don’t you read ‘Lola’r Lindys Barus?’





Tachwedd 2 You could learn the song, ‘Oes Gafr Eto?’

Oes gafr eto?




Tachwedd 3 Look for some work by the artist Josef Herman.





Tachwedd 4 I’m sure a member of your family would love to hear you sing the song  ‘Lola’r Lindys’!






Blwyddyn 3 – Blwyddyn 6:

Tachwedd 5Visit the library to see if they have one of Caryl Lewis’ books.




Tachwedd 6 Can you find 3 interesting facts about Dic Penderyn?





Tachwedd 7 Research into the life of Josef Herman.




Tachwedd 8 Why don’t you listen to music by Yr Ods?





Would you like to learn more about Wales?

Tachwedd 9

Tachwedd 10

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